… Human traces, whispered stories and earth  ….

to  explore the whispered stories of man and earth …..

Peter Gaskin

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Thanks for visiting this page … I want to try and make a difference with art … I hope my art helps people in some way - to evoke some emotion.

Art that aims to inspire thought, lift the mood and help provide a context for life …..

When I was younger I studied Anthropology, Psychology and Environment (Bsc Hons) which are subject areas which still resonate with me.

I am largely self taught though at various points have learnt from other artists and individuals. I work mainly in acrylics, oils or watercolour and I try to encapsulate narrative in a lot of my work, my main focus being human progression and human emotion.

Humanism means a lot to me and is a world view which I also hope is reflected in some of my art - a positive non-religious belief

 My favourite artists (and influences) amongst others are Klimt, Munch, Waterhouse, Burne-Jones, Whistler, Vigeland, Spencer.  Amongst modern artists one of my current favourites is in fact a duo - Kamu

One of the lofty aims I have is that my art helps others wake up to the possibilities in life and to help put lives in context by touching something within - in a world of so much distraction sometimes just resting your eyes on a particular image can help ground you …

 I am trying to start a forum (see sub menu for this page) to allow people to discuss lives led and share views on all manner of life chances and also include an occasional blog that invites comment. I genuinely wish to learn and engage.

I have included a “links” page with links to pages I personally enjoy or which are relevant to my interests and I hope also to others.